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I’ve greatly enjoyed working with Barbara on a number of publishing projects. Over a period of two years, I oversaw her work as a substantive editor working with student writers, and I’ve also had the pleasure of editing her nonfiction piece, “Finding Home,” which was published in 2019.

In every case, I’ve found Barbara to be a thorough, thoughtful, and highly organized colleague, and I would recommend her services to anyone.


Sean Stepchuk


Waste Free Edmonton

Barbara provided her services to our not-for-profit organization for over a year, and she was a huge asset. 

She helped us to develop a communications plan in a manner that worked very well for us. Rather than working on the communications plan all at once (which would have been daunting and overly time-consuming) she broke it down into easily manageable tasks. Then, while we were free to complete these tasks at our own pace, she followed up with just the right frequency – often enough to ensure that we stayed on track and didn’t forget about the plan, but not so often so as to be annoying or pushy. 


We strongly recommend her for anyone who wants a more personalized service for their communications needs.

I found Barbara's work ethic and approach to editing to be very professional and informed. She is an organized worker with excellent communication skills, as well as possessing a deep insight into the editing process.


Charisse Steward

Freelance Editor & Creative Writer

Barbara and I worked together as substantive editors on a project during our undergrad. The project consisted of working with six authors and their stories, which were going to be published in an anthology. I was immediately impressed by how knowledgeable Barbara was and her firm grasp of proper grammar, syntax, and edits that will most benefit the piece. She was amazing with the authors—supportive and encouraging—while also providing them with a level of professionalism that ensured their stories were 100% ready for publishing. I would absolutely recommend Barbara to oversee any creative projects as she is a joy to work with and truly knows her stuff. 

Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 13.13_edited.j

Arthur Tedesco


Barbara perfects everything she touches. I had a new vision of commitment and dedication after working with her. Her impeccability is impressive. She manages to finish more challenging tasks with practicality and very quickly. She has a differential that is a deep practicality aligned with a sensitivity that makes the work much more than a job, but an inspiration to be someone with more dedication. Working with Barbara went far beyond quality (in abundance), but taught me what commitment and seriousness truly are. She vibrates immense credibility and brings ideas that really make a difference. Barbara is that person: the one who makes the difference. All the difference. I recommend Barbara's work with closed eyes because working with her made me want to grow in responsibility and organization. Barbara is unique and will always be, without a doubt, my greatest example of dedication and commitment. Gratitude for bringing me much more than impeccable work, but significant life lessons. Barbara is a rare person to find. Infinite gratitude!


Cristovão Brilho

For me, who never imagined or planned to develop paths through the channels offered by the internet, meeting Barbara was indeed a blessing, simply because Barbara is a person who gives me a lot of security. For me, in these times when communication is one of the “weak points of humanity,” Barbara shows herself to be an extremely responsible, punctual, organized and very respectful person, which, in my opinion, are essential behavioural factors for a professional to be well evaluated. Entering this virtual world has become a possible challenge thanks to the work that Barbara proposes to do, and she does it with outstanding professionalism.


Thais Heringer

I started my online business 100% alone. As it grew, I needed to delegate some activities. I was looking for a right hand when Barbara told me she could help me with what I needed. I was a little afraid because we were in a different time zone and in very distant places... I had many things to delegate and, at the same time, I couldn't stop to train someone. I needed a person who had experience and agility. The fact that Barbara was far away, in another time zone, worried me, but she assured me that it would work out, and I agreed! Today, what I have to say is: it's great that she gave me the security I needed to start working together. She is very competent, agile, organized, efficient, committed, responsible and professional. She delivers ahead of deadlines, masters the tools (what she doesn't know, she's willing to learn), and finished all the tasks I delegated to her without constantly asking me about things, which helped me a lot to have more time and organization. Not to mention that we have aligned values and principles, which is super important to me. ♥️ Gratitude, Bá!


Jessica Carless

Intuitive & Holistic Fitness Coach

Uplift Fitness

Barbara was incredibly helpful with the integration of platforms, email workflows, terms + conditions, and everything I needed to help me launch my program. See, I had already created the digital course I wanted to put out into the world, but wasn't feeling like my energy was well spent on the tech side of things as I was feeling more frustrated and overwhelmed. One morning I did a meditation and asked for help. When I opened Instagram right after that, the first thing I saw was Barbara's post that she was offering services as a virtual assistant to lightworkers. I knew it was a sign and I'm so happy I invested in her expertise. She was so efficient and because of the time difference, I would wake up in the morning with a lovely update email with everything she had completed and guidance for me to work on. Her help, guidance, and never-ending knowledge allowed me to stay calm before and during the launch knowing that all the little details were taken care of! I would highly recommend any lightworker to hire Barbara as a virtual assistant to help with the tasks that don't light you up, so you can better spend your energy on where you can shine brightest. 


Angela Shaske

Editor, Writer & Scribe

Barbara was a great editor and a pleasure to work with as we polished my stories for the Bolo Tie Anthologies. Her insights were integral in the completion of one particular story I had worked on for a few years. Something just hadn’t felt right. Barbara’s encouragement and intuitions simplified my thought-process, and together we produced a product worthy of publication. The tale would still be gathering dust if not for Barbara.

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-20 at 3.55_edited

Iara Burk
Career Strategist & Life Coach

Barbara has helped me with editing and copywriting throughout numerous phases of my career. When I was still in University and directing a newspaper, she helped me make sure our communication was clear and that we were hitting our targets. She was also essential during the translation of my undergraduate thesis. In more recent years, Barbara provided her copywriting services to help me with different written communication materials for my coaching business and other professional documentation I needed. Barbara always took the time to understand what I was looking for, provided the highest quality of work and delivered within the promised time. I highly recommended her work to everyone who is looking for high-quality editing and copywriting services.


Yang Wu

Director, Alberta Region 


I was managing Barbara who was working as a service coordinator at Microserve for a couple of years.

She has an extremely high work ethic and was very mature. She met all of the job expectations and I never had to deal with any additional issues as an employer.

Barbara eventually decided to go back to school to complete her degree, which is why we mutually ended the employment relationship.


Jessica Griffiths
Produce Manager

Earth's General Store

Barbara is quick to pick up and implement new concepts. For the six months she worked for Earth's, we met weekly to discuss the social media agenda and then she would take the initiative to implement.


I valued her self-directed nature as it allowed me to trust that she would get everything completed timely and professionally. Barbara is very driven, has high attention to detail and is an asset to any team she's on.

Holding Hands

Barbara helped me with copywriting in two English courses I took during my first semesters at university. My first grade was a C+ and later on a B+. She always pointed out and took the time to explain the mistakes I was making, such as using “that” for people and not “who” and others. Eventually, I was writing and correcting myself with her teachings in mind, and as a result, I got my first A+. Thank you, Barbara.

Bruno Amarantes

Psychology Student

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