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 I offer writing and editing services for articles, creative fiction and nonfiction, copywriting, ghostwriting, speeches, resumes and cover letters, technical writing, content creation and editing for social media, and others. I also offer the same services for Portuguese to English or English to Portuguese translations.

Important: Please note that I do not work with certified translations. If you have a document that needs to be certified, please contact Sabrina Gatti at

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The "Rising Star Program" helps you build your brand and dream business with concise, correct, and cohesive material. 

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I offer online and in-person consulting services for marketing training for individuals and groups, content creation brainstorm sessions to expand content ideas for social media, and sustainable consulting to make your home or business more environment-friendly.

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In their words:

Sean Stepchuk

Director/Co-Founder at

Waste Free Edmonton

Barbara provided her services to our not-for-profit organization for over a year, and she was a huge asset. 

She helped us to develop a communications plan in a manner that worked very well for us. Rather than working on the communications plan all at once (which would have been daunting and overly time-consuming) she broke it down into easily manageable tasks. Then, while we were free to complete these tasks at our own pace, she followed up with just the right frequency – often enough to ensure that we stayed on track and didn’t forget about the plan, but not so often so as to be annoying or pushy. 


We strongly recommend her for anyone who wants a more personalized service for their communications needs.

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