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I offer an incredible combination of administrative and communication-related services with over eighteen years of experience, so please click the button below to download the information about my latest offer:

Please check my LinkedIn profile for all of my professional experiences:


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Carolina Landgraf
Therapist & Teacher 
Carolina Landgraf

I received Barbara's consulting services to align the profile of two employees I needed to hire. Her services were amazing and very enlightening, because I was able to have more clarity on the things I had not been able to realize alone about my own business. Barbara brings a comprehensive view and practical solutions, as well as being an accessible person with excellent communication skills. After my complete satisfaction with her consulting services, I also hired Barbara to help me with some specific jobs, and I marvelled at the results and the whole process. She is very dedicated and reliable, as well as a loving and easygoing person to deal with. I recommend Barbara's work with all my heart.


Sean Stepchuk

Director/Co-Founder at

Waste Free Edmonton

Barbara provided her services to our not-for-profit organization for over a year, and she was a huge asset. 

She helped us to develop a communications plan in a manner that worked very well for us. Rather than working on the communications plan all at once (which would have been daunting and overly time-consuming) she broke it down into easily manageable tasks. Then, while we were free to complete these tasks at our own pace, she followed up with just the right frequency – often enough to ensure that we stayed on track and didn’t forget about the plan, but not so often so as to be annoying or pushy. She also started and managed our communications team, which meant she was heavily involved in recruiting, training, developing processes, developing materials for the team, and generally ensuring that the organization continued to provide timely and informative social media posts. We strongly recommend her for anyone who wants a more personalized service for their communications needs.


Hanaa Ibrahim



Barbara has been a key support in updating my business website. Despite the fact that we are living in different countries, she proved to be extremely professional and up to my expectations. Not only did she update my website, but she also edited it and did a great job in that regard - must mention she is a writer! She has always been there for the right advice regarding my social media networks. Barbara is honest and trustworthy and completed my requests promptly and straight to the point. She uses her great set of skills to deliver a wonderful job; then, she follows up to make sure her work satisfies your requirements. I can't say enough to describe Barbara's work, but I can assure anyone working with her that satisfaction is the target.

For more testimonials and professional references, please check my "Testimonials" page.

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