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Sketching Daisies


"Sketching Daisies" portrays the story of Anton Hartmann, a German man, and Nadya Camlo, a Romani woman, who live in Nazi Germany. They struggle for survival and love, two things that should be easily obtainable, but instead seem dangerously out of reach during a horrifying time of chaos and hate. 


I included “Sketching Daisies” in my portfolio as it showcases my experience with screenplays and online formatting platforms (Celtx).

Veil Down


“Veil Down” is a manuscript in progress. I wrote a monologue and a play inspired by the overall story for one of my classes, so please check the monologue below.

Finding Home

“Finding Home” is a non-fiction piece I wrote and that was published in The Bolo Tie Collective Volume IV Anthology. I tell the story of my solo trip to Bali in 2013 and all the unexpected events that happened before and during this magical trip. Please check the story below.

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