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Communications Specialist
Consultant & 

Writer & Editor

I offer my expertise in conscious communication to empower entrepreneurs and organizations, using the power of words as a strategic approach to building intelligent businesses and inspiring and transforming lives


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Hello, I'm Barbara! I'm a resourceful, dynamic, and creative communications specialist, consultant, mentor, writer, editor, and senior administrator with nearly two decades of expertise in communication and administration. 

Currently, I offer consulting, mentoring, digital courses and products, and other services in the communication field, aiming to inspire the creation of more "lightworker companies," which are organizations where the well-being of all involved, comprehensive sustainability – which covers not only ecological aspects but also innovative work practices –, excellence in delivery, genuine collaboration, and freedom are fundamental values.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs and organizations understand that words have power and to narrate the story of their brands in a conscious and consistent manner, establishing them as transformative companies.

Together, we can create content and companies that reflect the ideals of the New Earth, leading them to commercial success and a lasting positive impact on our communities and our planet.

Are you ready to elevate your communication and your business?

Let's transform the world together!



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