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Bring Your Brainchild To Life!

Are you an entrepreneur wanting to build your brand and dream businesses with concise, correct, and cohesive material? 


Like some of you, I don’t fit into a conventional box, so I love working with all the multi-passionate entrepreneurs out there. Check out my About to learn more about why I am so passionate about serving clients and bringing your ideas and dreams to life! 


Let's Be Honest


If you’re starting a dream business while working full time outside or inside the home, or if you're starting it with no other source of income, you need to get the cash flowing into your bank account asap, am I right? 


You have a great product or service to offer, but making your products or getting the certifications for your services already take up all your time. You need the cash flow, but you can't invest much in your social media as you don't have the money upfront yet. Your social media strategy lacks a plan and you're unsure about your content, so you get stuck in a counterproductive cycle.


Branding starts at $1,000 (yup! that's right) and the cheap social media courses provide you with no personal guidance, so you get stuck in the same cycle again. You don't have a lot of followers (meaning: clients) YET, and your brand is struggling to make its way into the online world. Fear not, my friend! My supportive and honest guidance, and easy to follow homework tasks will help you break that cycle!


Real Talk


As I have experienced some scary poverty thresholds, I decided to create a program that could help people who have been in similar situations to mine. One thing is to fill your Instagram handle with empowerment quotes asking people to invest in themselves; another is making that investment possible. Some people have good intentions but they cater to people in privileged positions, rather than to a single mom who could truly use the help, but cannot choose between food and marketing, or an immigrant student who needs some extra income to pay for his or her studies, but cannot choose between going home or marketing, or to a divorced father who has two houses to support, but cannot choose between his obligations and marketing. 


For all these reasons and more, the Rising Star Program and my Services are affordable and fair.


I also provide custom feedback for most of my programs and services, so my offerings are superior to releasing an ebook or video with no custom guidance provided.

The Rising Star Program includes:


  • A “Communication Plan” customized for your business which serves as a map to guide you through your branding and social media schedules as it contains your background; mission and vision statements; objectives, goals, strategies and tactics; current situation; colour palette; audience analysis; key messages; timeline; budget; and other business-building sections. The plan is where we will store all the information for your online branding.

  • Structured homework tasks to build your online branding step-by-step: 1 Pre-Homework task, 1 Audience and 1 Environment homework tasks, 10 Instagram homework tasks + the Conclusion and Bonus, 1 Facebook homework task, 1 Twitter homework task, 2 Communication Plan tasks + the Conclusion, and the Graduation + Bonus (scroll down to see the title for each task separately). As soon as you reply to one homework task, you will receive the next.

  • A "2019 Posts" Google Doc which is a document with social media calendar dates where you can write your posts in, and copy and paste them to your Instagram. The dates will be entered usually up to a month in advance from today’s date, and I will keep it updated for you while you are on the program.

  • Some READING and RESEARCHING. The homework tasks are usually 1 page long, so you will not have to read a lot, but you will still have to read. I do a lot of the research for you, but you'll still need to research some items on your own, and I’ll be there to help and guide you along the way.

  • A 3-month timeline. The program runs for 3 months, so although you do not have a  weekly deadline to complete the tasks, you will need to have completed them all before the 3 months are up. You can also complete the program in 1 month or less if you’d like, so keep in mind that the longer you take to reply to each task, the longer you'll take to finish the program and start bringing your dream to life.

  • Access to an affiliate program where you'll receive a 20% discount on any program or service I’m offering for every client referral you send my way that signs up.

If you're ready to improve your brand and sign-up for the program, please click here for pricing and registration. 

I offer limited spots every month, so I'll add you to a waiting list if registration is closed.


I took Barbara's course and I can not say enough good things about both her and it! Barbara showed me so much about the details of using Instagram and I am so grateful to have taken her course. There's so much more to it than just posting a picture and I had absolutely no clue! She also went through other social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, so I could be more aware of different ways to use them to promote my business as well. I explained to Barbara right off the bat that I was technically inept when it came to most things and she patiently and thoroughly answered all my questions AND made sure that I completely understood. Her patience is admirable, which lends to her being such a great teacher. I would, and am, highly recommending her and her course to all my fellow entrepreneurs! Her services and knowledge are invaluable, useful and completely helpful!



Kara Bell & Joanna Kissick

Owners of Raise the Bar SP

We have absolutely loved working through Barbara’s program. It has been incredibly easy to follow and we have learned so much! Barbara’s program is laid out perfectly! You can complete it on a timeline that works for you with no pressure which I loved.


Jessica Carless

Owner of Uplift Fitness

The Rising Star Program was perfect for me as a small business owner with very little knowledge about social media or how it worked! The modules were easy to follow and Barbara was always available to answer any questions or frustrations I had. Most importantly, I graduated the program with so much more confidence with social media and a clear vision for my business moving forward! I would highly recommend this program for any small business owner that is wanting to uplevel their social media game!

Sherisse Anderson

Owner of Indigo Healing

You have some choices now:

1) Do nothing;

2) Procrastinate;

3) Try to build your brand on your own;

4) Pay thousands of dollars for someone to build your brand for you;

5) Allow me to help you build your brand while saving you time and stress, and enjoy being a part of the creative process of bringing your brand to life!

It’s time to get started!

Check out the titles of the homework tasks below:





Homework # 1 

Target Audiences and Competitors


Homework # 2  Environment Analysis


Homework # 3 Instagram Features



Homework # 5  Choosing a Caption Layout


Homework # 6  

Choosing your Themes


Homework # 7

 Choosing a Colour Palete


Homework # 8   Choosing your Overall Style and Filters


Homework # 9 Frequency of Posts


Homework # 10

Daily Posting Guidelines


Homework # 11



Homework # 12 

Instagram Etiquette


Instagram Conclusion + Bonus


Homework # 13  

Facebook Features


Homework # 14  Twitter Features


Homework # 15   Communication Plan Review - Part 1


Homework # 16

Communication Plan Review - Part 2


Rising Star Program



Graduation + Bonus 


  • You’re an individual or team interested in developing your brand’s visual strategy;

  • You want to bring your brainchild to life and be a part of the creative process;

  • You want to learn how to improve your brand presence and have a plan to follow.


  • You want someone to bring your brainchild to life rather than birthing them yourself;

  • You want to have zero to no involvement in the creative process of your brand;

  • You’re looking for a one-style-fits-all strategy.

Are you ready to let your brand and dream business shine?

If you're ready to improve your brand and sign-up for the program, please click here for pricing and registration. 

I offer limited spots every month, so I'll add you to a waiting list if registration is closed.



Hanaa Ibrahim

Owner of

Therapeutic Massage, Beauty & More

I had an excellent experience with Barbara in this program. The program is very informative and helpful in all its aspects. The flow of tasks and ideas is amazing!

Barbara is so knowledgeable - not only in the program - but also in teaching me and helping me recognize how my business can benefit most from the program. The best thing about Barbara is her being open about sharing information and personal experience. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

Thank you for your time.

I hope that we can start walking this journey together!